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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Let's talk about baby's Milestones Portraits or should we call them, the most adorable time in your baby's life. The first year of your baby's life is the most challenging and very rewarding time. You as a parent observe your child every single day and every single day your baby is growing right in front of your eyes. They first open their eyes when born , then they start to see what is around them, then they start to lift their head around 3 months, sit up by 6 , crawl by 9, stand or walk by 12. All these milestones are worth documenting.

Here are the two most common questions I get asked.

What actually is a Milestone Portrait session?

It's the time in your child's life when they reach a very important milestone in the first year of their life. Like I mentioned earlier most babies start to lift their head by 3 months, sit up by 6 months, crawl by 9 months and walk by 12 months. Of course all babies are different so the times to do the session will vary depending of a child.

Why is it important to have the session done around that time?

It's all about capturing your little baby's achievements throughout their first year of life.

Can you imagine an album from the first year of your baby's life? From a newborn baby to a walking toddler? Can you imagine going thorough an album that showcases your child's first year of life and first achievements 5 or 10 years from now ? Can you imagine how would you feel to go through an album like this?

What is included in the Milestone Portrait session?

We do from 2 to 3 setups for the baby together with outfit changes.

Are the parents photos included?

We do at least one to two photos of Mum and Dad if present at the session.

The main reason why we love Milestone Portrait Sessions so much is that these sessions showcase your little growing baby's achievements as well as their personality growing. From a little tiny newborn to a running toddler.

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