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Hello,  My name is Joanna and welcome to Joanna Komorek Photography out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  I create remarkable memories that will last you a lifetime. As a mom I know how fast the life passes by with children around. My daughter is 15 months old and I can't quite comprehend how fast almost 2 years of our life went by.  Children not only teach us unbelivibly beautiful uncondional love but they also make our lives so much brighter. This is one of the reasons why I love capturing these wonderful moments that will soon be forgotten.  These little fleeting moments are worth remembering. 

The beauty of a women becoming a mother, The beautiful connection that she already has with her little baby touches my soul. When I see a dad to be looking at his wife with the incredible joy knowing that she is giving him the best gift of all makes my heart sing. 

These are the moments i want to freeze in time, the moment, the emotion, the feeling, the love <3 


Children won't stay this little forever. They grow as fast as the time passes by. Freezing all these moments in time from the bump to the family is what I live for<3 


It is my honour to work with so many beautiful families and I would love to work with you and create some beautiful memories  for you to remember <3 

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